Responsive Styling – WordPress Customization – Server Administration

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Responsive Styling

Responsive site styling is the cutting edge of website design and development. As the number of web users browsing on mobile devices increases, the importance of presenting your content to support multiple screen sizes and resolutions is increasingly imperative. Instead of building and maintaining separate sites for desktop and mobile users, responsive design adjusts the layout of a single site based on the visitors device screen size, ensuring that your visitors can always read and navigate your content with ease. Learn more »


WordPress Customization

I specialize in building websites on the incredibly flexible and powerful WordPress CMS core. WordPress is a powerful Content Management platform that allows you to take control of the content on your site. Write, edit and publish your own content directly to your site through an easy-to-use web-browser interface and watch your content take on your site’s look and feel on the front-end without any additional work or knowledge from you. Learn more »


Server Administration

Every website needs a home and a way to find it. Choosing the right hosting server based on your site’s traffic is an important step in establishing and maintaining your web presence. Proper server configuration reduces your vulnerability to hackers and keeps your site running optimally. Domain routing and zone file configuration allows domain traffic, such as website visitors, emails, and security verifications to be routed to the correct server for a seamless flow of information related to your domain name. Learn more »